CME Pivot for AIM Users

AIM Ends Third-Party Access December 1: Take Action Now to Maintain Contact

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) recently announced the AIM platform will be decommissioned on December 15, with third-parties like CME Pivot, losing access December 1. All users, whether AIM or CME Pivot, will lose connectivity with their contacts permanently if no action is taken.

Follow These Easy Steps to Message with Confidence

Current CME Pivot Users:

  1. Establish a CME Pivot connection to your AIM buddies that are also using CME Pivot
  2. Encourage your AIM buddies to move to CME Pivot 

AIM Users:

  1. Download CME Pivot and login
  2. Register your AIM account 
  3. Establish a CME Pivot network connection with your AIM buddies
  4. Encourage your AIM buddies to join you on CME Pivot


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FAQ: CME Pivot
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