Distillers' Dried Grain Futures
Now Trading: A Smart Alternative to Pricing
and Managing DDGs Price Risk

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The addition of DDG futures will bring much-needed price discovery tools and price transparency to the market and complete the exchange’s product suite for the corn crush for ethanol . Particularly, this new listing will enable customers to better manage their price risk in the feed, dairy, biofuels, grains and oilseed industries.

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The ethanol producer will now have the ability to create a complete risk management profile through hedging both inputs (corn, natural gas) and outputs (ethanol and DDGs); otherwise known as the "corn crush".

Livestock feeders and producers, dairy operators and feed manufacturers who use DDGs in their feed now have a price risk management tool to hedge their feed inputs.

Other benefits include:

  • Provides market participants with a transparent "benchmark price"
  • Provides price risk management opportunities
  • Relatively seamless, instantaneous straight-through execution, processing and clearing

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