Commodity Index Products

Benchmark Commodity Exposure, Enhanced Trading Opportunities

CME Group Commodity Index contracts allow investors, asset managers and financial institutions to have direct exposure to a variety of benchmark commodity indexes. Encompassing both futures and cleared over the counter (OTC) contracts, these products are based on the indexes most closely followed for investment performance in the commodity markets, and used to track performance or as benchmarks for their actively managed accounts.

Cleared OTC Commodity Index trades are privately negotiated, then submitted through CME ClearPort and centrally cleared by CME Clearing for substantially mitigated counterparty credit risk. In addition, market participants have access to margin offsets against the underlying basket of futures.

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CME Group Commodity Index Product Suite

Products Based on the Standard & Poor Goldman Sachs Commodity Indexes (S&P GSCI)

Products Based on the Dow Jones UBS Commodity Indexes