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Available: Six cleared OTC Fertilizer Swaps on Urea, DAP and UAN. Learn more now.

About Cleared OTC Agricultural Swaps

Cleared OTC agricultural markets allow you to trade off-exchange through your preferred execution venue, negotiate your own prices, and then come to CME ClearPort to access significant risk management and financial benefits including:

  • Expanded access to flexible, cleared-only risk-management tools when traditional listed markets are unavailable
  • Substantially mitigated risk through post-trade central clearing services
  • Ability to privately negotiate prices and trade off-exchange
  • Reduced capital requirements due to cross-product margin efficiencies
  • Convenience of cash-settled swaps without added costs
  • Versatility to EFRP into or out of a futures position in the underlying market
  • Position accountability through our daily mark-to-market process

About Cleared OTC Calendar (Asian-style) Swaps

Calendar swaps are privately negotiated cleared-only transactions submitted through CME ClearPort. Two parties agree on the specific fixed price component of the swap and the specific calendar month. Depending on the calendar month chosen by the two parties, the daily and final settlement process will be based on the futures contract month closest to (but not before) the negotiated swap month. The variable price component of the cleared-only Calendar Swap will be based on the average daily settlement price of the referenced commodity futures contract during the pre-negotiated month. 


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