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Create a Covered Option Contract

This test verifies that your application can create a User-Defined Covered option contract.

Note: If you answered Yes to the question: “Can your system create Covered Option instruments?” and No to the question: “Can your system send orders on UDS instruments?”, this test is mandatory.

Note: DO NOT select the "START TEST" button once the test process is in progress.


  1. Create a Covered Option Contract:
  2. Click the START TEST button to begin the certification test for every run.

  1. In step 1 on the AutoCert+ screen, you must send a Security Definition Request to create a Covered Option (not a Covered Spread) instrument.

Upon receipt of the Security Definition Request, AutoCert+ will display a status of “Pending” [Yellow] until step 2 on the AutoCert+ screen is completed.

  1. AutoCert+ receives and processes a Security Definition message, acknowledging receipt of the Security Definition Request message and creation of the UDS instrument.
  1. In step 2 on the Autocert+ screen, you must confirm successful receipt and processing of the Security Definition Response message.

AutoCert+ validates each field entry. A green icon indicates passed test, a yellow icon indicates a pending test, and a red icon indicates a failed test.

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