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The interview consists of a series of questions about your trading application. Based on your responses, certain tests are required and others are optional. You must complete the pre-certification interview before running the test cases.

To complete the interview, select Yes or No to the questions regarding whether or not your system supports MexDer cross orders, MexDer cross order reject functionality, and Give-up orders.

In addition, you must determine the types of instruments (options or futures) and the types of MexDer spreads (calendar, stapled, or none) your system supports.

Note: If Calendar or Stapled is selected, None of the above must be disabled.

For the first question, "What types of Instruments will your system support?" note the following:

  • If you select both Futures and Options, then future dummy contracts are used for all test cases (futures override options).
  • If you select Futures or both Futures and Options, all order types are available for a selection.
  • If you select only Options, then only Market Limit is available for the order type.

After answering the Interview questions, click the Complete button.