Introduction to Mass Quote Tests

Mass Quote Tests focus on verifying that a client system can submit a mass quote and modify the price and quantity for quote entries. In addition, the tests focus on verifying a client system can cancel a quote for an instrument and an instrument group level, and cancel all resting quotes, while also receiving and processing unsolicited quote cancellations.

Each test description consists of two online help pages, an Introduction and a Procedure. The Introduction provides a "high-level" discussion of what is involved in each test. The Procedure provides step by step instructions of the test in the AutoCert+ environment.

The following are Mass Quote Tests:

  • Mass Quote Submission
  • Modify Quote Price and Quantity
  • Quote Cancellation - Instrument Level
  • Quote Cancellation - Instrument Group Level
  • Quote Cancellation - Cancel All Quotes
  • Unsolicited Quote Cancellations
  • Mass Quoter Protection
  • Manual Order Indicator

Note: All customers should have permissions to act as customers, and one instrument should be locked so the customers cannot submit quotes for instruments in that group.

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