Guest Wireless Network

What is the guest network?

The guest wireless network is a complimentary wireless service providing access to the Internet for authorized guests, short-term consultants and contractors not using CME Group laptop/desktop/handheld computers. It is not intended for use by CME Group employees or those with access to CME Group hardware and hardwired network connections.

The guest wireless network is available throughout staff areas at 20 S. Wacker, 550 W. Washington, 141 W. Jackson, and the RDC.

You must create an account with a username and password to access the guest wireless network. Managers and above can create Guest Network accounts following the link available on the corporate Intranet and complete all fields on the online form. Accounts expire after a maximum of 5 days.

Resources (PDF)
Terms and Conditions
Processes and Procedures
Hotspot Locations
How to connect with Windows Vista/XP