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CME Group Tools by Asset Class
QuikStrike Option Pricing & Analysis
QuikStrike Essentials is an interactive option pricing and analysis tool developed exclusively for CME Group, and is available across all asset classes. This resource provides a view into a large breadth of our options contracts, in addition to visibility into current and historical volatility (by strike), concise volume and open interest information, delta sheets, options pricing analysis, spread analysis & risk graphs.
Options Open Interest Profile Tool
This tool provides options traders the opportunity to analyze open interest patterns of various FX options. Developed specifically to profile open interest in the context of our financial options products, the tool provides the ability to monitor open interest trends and tendencies, and provides actionable information.
CME E-quivalents
Free real-time FX quotes displayed in spot equivalent terms.
Free FX Online Course
Comprehensive FX Course Topics include:
  • Defining the Foreign Exchange Market, Currency Market Quotes, Using CME E-quivalents Spot Pricing Tool, Major Currencies and Currency Pairs, History of FX, FX Instruments, Spot FX Market, Currency Cross Rates, FX Forward Market and Currency Swaps, Non-Deliverable Forwards, Currency Futures, Comparison of Major FX Instruments
FX Product Guide & Calendar
Comprehensive information on:
  • FX Products, Contract Specs, Expiration Dates, Economic Releases
Pace of the Roll Tool
Daily updates and tools to analyze and adjust quarterly roll strategies.
Daily Currency Fixing Prices (11am / 3pm)
Table showing daily currency prices for the following FX contracts traded against the USD:
  • Euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Australian dollar
Daily FX Options Fixing Prices (9am / 2pm)
Table showing daily prices for European and American-style options for the following contracts traded against the USD:
  • Euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Australian dollar
CME Group FX Fixing Price Methodology for Options
Detailed explanation of how CME Group determines daily options prices for FX options.
CME ClearPort Product Slate for FX
Cleared OTC USD/CLP NDFs, as well as FX block trades and EFPs are eligible for clearing through CME ClearPort.
FedWatch and Duration Tools