What is Handheld Technology (HHT)?

The CME Group Handheld Trading Device is a lightweight, wireless electronic trading device that local traders can use to record trades in the pit.  This device is an integral element of the CME Group's plan to have all open auction trades matched as close to real-time as possible.

The HHT complements and interacts with other floor electronic technology components. The Handheld Technology:

  • Links and matches opposite trades, where the opposing trader is using an Electronic Clerk (EC) or another HHT device, through the Trading Floor Matching System.
  • Automatically sends trades to clearing for real-time trade matching and on to member firm bookkeeping
  • Calculates updated net positions and P&L
  • Detailed trade reports that can be printed at anytime on the trading floor and e-mailed to the back-office and the trader at the end of the day.
  • Enhances the ability of floor clerks to easily support multiple members

How do I get started?

  • Interested members need to fill out a User Handheld Trading Device Registration Form. Forms are listed below or can be obtained at the HHT Help Desk on the trading floor.
  • The Registration form needs to be filled out by the member’s back office.  The completed member form can be dropped off at the HHT Help Desk or faxed to 312.341.7994

If the member’s firm is not set up for HHT, verification by Floor Technology Support (FTS) is necessary before a local trader can use the HHT.  The member firm needs to:

  • Fill out a Member Firm Handheld Trading Device Registration Form and fax it to at 312.341.7994.
  • Set up trade processing communication with FTS.
  • Test the HHT with the firm’s existing trade processing network that supports other CBOT floor technology.

How do I schedule HHT Training?

Once the Registration form is completed and returned, members or their clerks must schedule and attend a free HHT Training Class by calling 312.341.5764.    

After the training class is completed, members or their clerks can obtain a device at the HHT Help Desk and immediately begin using it.