What is Comet?

Comet is a booth-based order entry device, exclusively for day orders, that allows FCM floor staff to:

  • send spread and outright orders for futures and options products to all pre-designated floor brokers
  • transmit flashed or headset-entered order tickets to the executing broker for endorsement
  • have order tickets automatically time-stamped
  • receive trade fill data from the broker device
  • forward trade fills to the firm bookkeeping system for trade processing
  • preprogram quick-pick lists of customer account numbers to speed input and reduce possible errors
  • handle single-firm give-up information

Also, the COMET grouped order status screen:

  • shows the status of all COMET orders within a firm-designated group
  • allows any COMET user in the same group to handle customer inquiries

How do I get started?

  • Fill out an Order Routing Client Profile Form by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.  Forms can also be picked up at the Handheld Technology (HHT) Help Desk on the agricultural trading floor or Floor Technology Support (FTS) in the East Building, Suite 235-E.
  • Fax the form to FTS at +1 312 341 3408 or drop it off at the HHT Help Desk.
  • CME Group staff installs the COMET.  Installation takes about four weeks. The COMET device is leased from the exchange. Currently, there are no leasing or installation fees for the device.
  • Fill out routing information.
  • Test COMET with FTS to ensure connection and proper routing.

How do I schedule training?

The week that the Comet is to be installed, users must schedule and attend a free training class by calling + 1 312 347 5611. Depending on the type of business, users can take the Live Order Entry and/or the Flash Order Entry class. After installation and training, continuing on-site support is also provided by CME Group staff.