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CME Group Tools by Asset Class
QuikStrike Option Pricing & Analysis
QuikStrike Essentials is an interactive option pricing and analysis tool developed exclusively for CME Group, and is available across all asset classes. This resource provides a view into a large breadth of our options contracts, in addition to visibility into current and historical volatility (by strike), concise volume and open interest information, delta sheets, options pricing analysis, spread analysis & risk graphs.
Options Open Interest Tool
This provides visibility into the open interest patterns of Energy options for the most recent day and the previous nine days. Graphic representations show open interest by strike price according to the specific product filter criteria (including Trade Date, Contract Month, and Put or Call), enhancing price discovery by allowing your customers to monitor open interest trends and tendencies.
  • Crude Oil: WTI Crude Oil (LO), Brent Crude Oil (BA), WTI Crude APO (AO), WTI 1 Month Calendar (WA), WTI Crude Look-Alike (LC)
  • Natural Gas: Natural Gas (ON), Natural Gas Look-Alike (LN)
  • Electricity: PJM (JO)
Energy Update Archive Archive of energy information updates published every two weeks.
Energy Expiration Calendar
Information on Exchange holidays as well as futures termination dates, options expiration dates, and notice days.
Monthly Energy Update – Chart Book
Summary of prices and other data from the preceding month on energy futures and options.
Energy Hedging Training
Archived webinar focused on energy hedging terminology.
FedWatch and Duration Tools