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Price Conversion

1 - Select a commodity from the pull-down menu
2 - Enter the dollar amount per unit
3 - Click on "Calculate" to get US$ per metric ton or US$ per domestic unit

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Agricultural Conversion Calculator

1 - Select a commodity from the pull-down menu
2 - Enter either the US or metric measurement - do not use commas in quantities
3 - Click on "Calculate" for the conversion

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Number of Contracts

Agricultural Crush Calculator

1 - Enter the dollar amount per unit for three of the four values
2 - Click on "Calculate" to get the unknown factor in the Crush calculation

Commodity   Example 

Unit of Measurement

Soybeans     9 = $9.00

US $ per bushel

Soybean Meal 300 = $300

US $ per short ton

Soy Oil   53 = $0.53

US cents per pound

Crush   3.43 = $3.43

US $ per bushel

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