First Cleared MXN IRS Compression Cycle Completed at CME Group

Over $331 billion (MXN 6.23T) notional reduced utilizing TriOptima’s TriReduce Service

CME further enhanced our MXN TIIE swap clearing solution with the successful completion of our first MXN IRS compression cycle using TriOptima’s TriReduce Service. The compression took place on July 27 and below are the details:

  • 11 global swap dealers participated
  • $331 billion (MXN 6.23T) reduction in gross notional outstanding
  • 33,384 line items compressed

This is the seventh multilateral compression cycle completed at CME Group across three currencies - USD, EUR and now MXN. With over 85 market participants and an average of $6.9 billion (MXN125B) notional per day cleared in Q2 2016, CME is the industry leader in MXN clearing. 

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