Get Your Portfolio in Shape for Summer

  • 19 May 2016
  • By CME Group

CME Portfolio Margining, Coupon Blending and Multilateral Compression

Take advantage of CME Group’s market leading services to boost your capital efficiencies and get your portfolio in shape ahead of the summer:

  • Portfolio Margining - Used by 47 customers for over 380 accounts year to date generating savings of over $2.2 billion in initial margin  
  • Compression – CME has completed three TriOptima TriReduce cycles across USD and Euro; reducing gross notional by over $5.4 trillion USDE and removing over 157,000 line items
  • Coupon Blending – Firms have reduced their gross notional by $17.7 trillion USDE and removed over 246,000 line items since launch.


Learn more about CME’s margin services and the next TriOptima exercises on June 28 (USD) and July 29 (Mexican Peso*)

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*First cleared Mexican peso TriOptima exercise