Historical Weather Data


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Speedwell Weather is a UK-based firm that provides world-wide weather data, forecasts, software and consulting services to the energy and weather derivative markets.  The firm is a recognized leader in the weather markets, with a strong following in Europe and a growing presence in other parts of the globe.  For further information visit www.speedwellweather.com

Settlement Data - this will contain recent data for active contracts and ones which recently expired.

Historical Data - data will contain 10-yrs of history for the U.S. cities and 5-yrs for Europe and Asia. Periodically, the data from the settlement directory will be moved here.

CME Weather Settlement Data (Recent Data) 

US - Temperature
Weekly Monthly Seasonal Seasonal Strip
Europe - Temperature
Monthly Seasonal Seasonal Strip  
Canada - Temperature
Monthly Seasonal Seasonal Strip  
Asia - Temperature
Monthly Seasonal    
Australia - Temperature
Monthly Seasonal    

CME Weather Historical Data

US - Temperature History
Daily (10-years) Weekly Seasonal (10-years)
Europe - Temperature History
Monthly (5-years) Seasonal (5-years)  
Canada - Temperature History
Monthly Seasonal  
Asia - Temperature History
Monthly (5-years) Seasonal (5-years)  
Australia - Temperature History
Monthly Seasonal  

* HDD is Heating Degree Days.
** CDD is Cooling Degree Days.
*** CAT stands for Cumulative Average Temperature.
**** AT stands for Average temperature (Asia Pacific only).
(For non-US (Europe and Japan) cities, the summer months CDD is referred to as CAT).