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Current distributors can access required forms and information here. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly at

For All CME Data Distributors

Market Data License Agreement FAQ
2014 Policy Changes
2014 Market Data Policies Update
FAQ for 2014 Policy Changes
Non-Professional Subscribers FAQ

Market Data Licensing Agreement (MDLA) (PDF)
All market data for CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, DME, S&P Indices, CME CDS and CME Vanilla IRS share the same policies for market data use and must be licensed under MDLA.

Schedule 1 - Information (PDF)
This document provides an overview of CME Group's Market Data Platform and outlines Exchanges and Information for Distributors.

Schedule 2 - Distributor Profile (PDF)
Contractual customer profile and service summary.

Schedule 3 - Distributor Group Members (PDF)
Affiliated companies & service facilitators.

Schedule 4 - Market Data Policy (PDF)
Description of all CME Group Market Data Policies outlining Distributors Group, Media Redistribution, Subscriber Terms and Conditions, Public Internet Display, Reporting Requirements and Historical Data Redistribution License.

2015 Schedule 5 - Fee Schedule (PDF)
2015 Fee Schedule in accordance with Market Data Policies, payable per Distributor.

2016 Schedule 5 - Fee Schedule (PDF)
2016 Fee Schedule in accordance with Market Data Policies, payable per Distributor.

Schedule 6 - Market Profile (PDF)
Terms & End-User Agreement for Market Profile.

Schedule 7 – Market Data Subscription Agreement (PDF)
OTC Data Subscriber Agreement.

Eris Data Agreement (PDF)

Other Forms
Exhibit A to Schedule 4: Non-Professional Self-Certification Form (PDF)
Required for any trader who is qualified as a Non-Professional Subscriber.

Tax Certificate of Resale or Exemption (PDF)
Must be completed to ensure tax resale or exemption status as a distributor of CME Group Market Data. Please contact us if you need more state-specific forms.

Product Code and Vendor Code Lists

Access these links to get a comprehensive list of Product Codes and Vendors listed on exchanges:


Europe Market Data Inquiry
Historical Data