Receive Data Directly from the Market Data Platform (MDP)


For the most efficient message delivery, you can access our futures and options market data directly via our Market Data Platform (MDP).

How to connect to our Market Data Platform:

CME Group-Managed Connections Self-Managed Connections Connect through a Licensed Distributor
  • Over 200 distributors are licensed to distribute CME Group market data.
  • Review our list of licensed distributors.

Our Market Data Platform offers the following data formats:

  • Electronic market data
  • 1-10 rows of depth
  • Dual-feed multicast data dissemination
  • Additional FIX/FAST documentation can be found on the Client Systems Wiki
Streamlined FIX/FAST
  • Non-actionable price data, such as index prices
  • Message specifications are available on the Client Systems Wiki
ITC 2.1
  • Floor market data
  • Time & Sales only
  • Additional ITC 2.1 information can be found on the Client Systems Wiki