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CME Group provides a simple and straightforward process for licensed data distribution. Our market data is ready to use in a variety of formats across all CME Group exchanges, with multiple access points. Vendor services can provide individuals and corporations access to real-time, delayed, and end of day data for CME Group markets. If you are interested in distributing CME Group market data or receiving direct connectivity through our Market Data Platform (MDP), please see additional information below.

1. Complete and sign the Market Data License Agreement (PDF).

Submit a Scope of Use, a written description of:

  • Distribution technologies
  • Entitlement controls
  • Services
  • View Scope of Use form (DOCX).

2. Submit all documents to Information Products Management via one of the following ways:

Fax: +1 312 930 3433
Mail: Information Products Management, CME Group, 20 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606

Fax: +44(0)20 3379 3888
Mail: Information Products Management, CME Group, One New Change, 4th Floor, London EC4M 9AF United Kingdom

Based on the information you provide above, you may also need to send:

  1. An Annual Data Distribution License Fee (Schedule 5: Fee Schedule | 2015 Schedule 5: Fee Schedule)
  2. An annual report or financial statement
  3. Promotional material describing your products and services
  4. Completed CME Group Tax Certificate of Resale or Exemption (PDF) and any other applicable state exemption forms (please see forms and faq section for additional details or contact your account manager)

Derived Data

The CME Group Market Data License Agreement (MDLA) allows firms to use and/or distribute our data unaltered. If you are using CME Group market data to create derived works (resultant data) that cannot easily be reverse engineered back into its original state, then you are required to sign our Derived Data License Agreement (DDLA).

Examples of derived data include, but are NOT limited to: Indexes, ETF's, swaps, swaptions, curves, exchange-traded products, CFD's, spread bets, OTC data feeds, etc. Please complete the Derived Data Scope of Use form and CME Group will review and determine what if any licensing and fees are necessary.

Please contact +1 312 634 8395 or for clarification around derived data licensing policies.



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