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Over 200 distributors are authorized to distribute real-time CME market data.

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Subscription Based Data Platforms


Purchase customized historical data with DataMine, the most comprehensive and authoritative historical price information available on select CME Group contracts.

  • Market Depth (10 Deep) Data
  • Top-of-Book (BBO) Data
  • Time & Sales Data
  • End-of-Day Data
  • Blocks Data

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CME E-quotes is a revolutionary software application for desktop and mobile offering world-class charting and analytics, real-time quotes, block data and news on CME Group traded products.

Sign up today for a FREE 2-week trial for E-quotes.

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Direct access to intraday and daily market data via the Market Data Platform (MDP):

  • High performance, low latency, multicast UDP feed
  • Supports CME floor, electronic and PNT markets
  • Partner markets support
  • Intraday and daily cash indices support


Volume and Open Interest

CME Group offers Volume reports on a monthly and weekly basis. Reports capture detailed daily volume and open interest data for all CME Group futures and options.

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CME Group offers Settlement reports on a daily basis. CME Group Daily Settlement Price files are produced each business day in the late afternoon after all CME Group markets close.

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Other Reports

  CME Swap Data Repository

View cleared, non-cleared and bilateral swap transactions reported to the CME Swap Data Repository, published by asset class in real-time — after any applicable regulatory mandated delays. Access history on all previous publicly reported swap transactions.