Management Team

  • Craig S. Donohue

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Phupinder S. Gill


  • Kathleen M. Cronin

    Managing Director, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

  • Bryan T. Durkin

    Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director, Products and Services

  • Julie Holzrichter

    Managing Director, Global Operations

  • Kevin Kometer

    Managing Director and Chief Information Officer

  • James E. Parisi

    Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director, Finance and Corporate Development

  • Laurent Paulhac

    Managing Director, OTC Products and Services

  • Hilda Harris Piell

    Managing Director and Chief Human Resources Officer

  • John W. Pietrowicz

    Managing Director, Business Development and Corporate Finance

  • Derek L. Sammann

    Managing Director, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Products

  • Kimberly S. Taylor

    Managing Director and President, CME Clearing

  • Kendal l. Vroman

    Managing Director, Commodity Products, OTC Services and Information Products

  • Scot E. Warren

    Managing Director, Equity Index Products and Index Services

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