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Bridging Markets, Expanding Opportunities

In today's interconnected global economy, exchange partnerships enable businesses to invest and manage risk. Through strategic exchange partnerships in Latin America, CME Group provides global investors access to a range of global benchmark futures and options products.



The partnership between CME Group and MexDer, the leading marketplace for trading derivatives on Mexican benchmarks, connects U.S. customers to benchmark derivatives including MXN Peso/U.S. Dollar futures. By linking the MexDer and CME Globex electronic trading platforms, CME Group enables its customers to trade and route electronic orders on MexDer and CME Group Exchanges.

Through CME Group’s international telecommunications hub near Mexico City, trades from CME Group participants executed on MexDer’s electronic trading connection will be confirmed back to the customer anywhere in the world in milliseconds, virtually 24 hours a day. This connectivity enables customers to:

  • Access foreign markets and liquidity pools seamlessly
  • Hedge risks across two exchanges
  • Arbitrage prices between markets and/or securities
  • Geographically diversify investment allocations

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