CME Group in Latin America

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We Are Expanding Our Local Presence


BM&FBOVESPA: Commercial agreement based on order routing, cross investment and future business development relationships

MexDer: Commercial agreement based on order routing and future product development and clearing opportunities

While CME Group is a global company, we best serve local needs by continuing to develop our local presence. This means actively participating in the community via a partnership approach, maintaining our long-term relationships while also getting to know potential and new customers. To achieve this, we are committed to:

CME Group has a dedicated Latin America team built to understand your business and help you grow revenues, by assisting you with such things as product information and research, establishing the most cost-effective way for you to trade, determining your optimum market data solution and newly published educational tools and strategy papers.


CME Group Strategic Partnership
CME Group and BM&FBOVESPA, the company formed by the integration of the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Paulo) and the Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange (Bolsa de Mercadorias e Futuros), have a strategic partnership realised through a commercial agreement based on order routing between our two marketplaces, cross investment through an exchange of shares, and a commitment to work together on future product and business developments.

Cross-Exchange Order Routing Opportunities with BM&FBOVESPA
As global investors look for opportunities in emerging markets, the Brazilian economy continues to provide solid and consistent growth. Through order routing agreements between CME Group and BM&FBOVESPA, CME Group customers can access BM&FBOVESPA contracts via their existing CME Globex electronic trading platform. Similarly, BM&FBOVESPA customers may access CME Group contracts via their existing GTS electronic trading platform.

This high speed and high capacity international connection between both data processing centers allows access to liquid markets, increases to trading capacities and price arbitrage opportunities between markets and securities.

North-to-South Resources
Latin America Markets available to CME Group customers

South-to-North Resources
CME Group Markets available to BM&FBOVESPA Customers

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In March 2010, CME Group and Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, the parent company of MexDer, entered into a strategic partnership that includes order routing for derivatives products as well as an agreement to pursue potential joint initiatives including product development, marketing and customer education as well as clearing opportunities.

CME Group to MexDer Order Routing Now Available
On August 1, 2011 CME Group and The Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer) announced the successful launch of their north-to-south connection, giving CME Group customers access to MexDer's benchmark derivatives contracts including Mexican Stock Exchange Index Futures, Bond Futures and MXN Peso / US Dollar Futures Contracts.

By linking the MexDer and CME Globex electronic trading platforms, customers will be able to route orders electronically onto MexDer and CME Group Exchanges.

The first phase of the partnership ("south-to-north") was launched April 4, 2011, and gave MexDer market participants access to CME Group's benchmark derivatives contracts including interest rates, foreign currencies, equity indexes, energy, metals and agricultural commodities.

North-to-South Resources
Latin America Markets available to CME Group customers


CME Group Markets available to MexDer Customers

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Brazil Lead
Kieran Gartlan
+55 11 2565 5997

Mexico Lead
Anne Schankin 
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Chicago-based Brazil Lead
Chuck Farra     
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