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CME Group futures and options education is your source for leading-edge thought leadership on the derivatives and risk management industry. Here you will find a wide range of resources covering our products, including strategy papers, books, product brochures, industry insight and research papers from well-known analysts, customers, and market participants.

Grain and Oilseed Fact Card
Grain and Oilseed Hedging Guide
Pork Fact Card 
Monthly Agricultural Update (MAGU)

FX Institutional Sales Brochure

Interest Rates 
30-Day Fed Funds Futures & Options Fact Card 
Eurodollar Futures Fact Card 
Eurodollar Options Fact Card 
U.S. Treasury Futures & Options Fact Card

Stock Indexes 
Dow Products Fact Card

Energy Sales Brochure

Metals Product Brochure for the Active Individual Trader

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