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Efficient Trading and OTC Clearing Solutions

Located in Latin America and need information about accessing CME Group solutions? Below is information on clearing and brokerage firms, connecting to CME Globex and market data solutions.

1. Clearing & Brokerage Firms Information

CME Group products are categorized according to the exchange that list them: CME, CBOT, NYMEX or COMEX. Some clearing firms can clear products from all four CME Group exchanges; others clear products from one or more of the exchanges.

View list of clearing firms for CME Group products

CME ClearPort is a comprehensive set of flexible clearing services for the global OTC market. CME ClearPort clears transactions across multiple asset classes around the world. With OTC clearing through CME ClearPort, you can continue to conduct business off-exchange, but you gain the advantages of security, efficiency and confidence.

Additionally, brokerage firms can be viewed by category of product type in which they specialize.
Exchange-traded futures and options
OTC products cleared by CME Clearing via CME ClearPort
Agricultural futures and options

2. Connecting to CME Globex, Our Electronic Trading Platform

CME Globex is the electronic trading venue for all CME Group products. It also provides access to products lists at our partner exchange BM&FBOVESPA. The CME Globex platform offers a number of access options, including choices for:

For more questions regarding connectivity or establishing a relationship with a CME Group Clearing Member Firm, you may contact Global Account Management at +1 312 634 8700 or email

Contact a member of the GAM Latin America Team
Jodi Abudarham
+1 312 930 1302

Adam Smith
+1 312 466 7494

View connectivity choices for CME Globex

3. Information about our Different Market Data Solutions

CME Group offers a wide range of market data services. Choices include:

View CME Group market data services to see which choice best serves your business needs


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