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CME Group expands your access through a single source

For greater access to Latin America’s leading opportunities, turn to CME Group. Gain in-region exposure from a single source, offering ease of access and the benefits of a multi-asset class product suite, with your choice of futures, options and cleared OTC. Through our global partnerships we help you expand your reach and enjoy faster, more reliable order routing than you’ll find anywhere else.

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USD-Denominated CME Ibovespa Futures

Gain benchmark access to Brazil’s stock market using a U.S. dollar-based contract, made possible through our partnership with BM&FBovespa. 

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BRL/USD Future & Options

Manage exposure to the currency of world’s fifth largest country by population/geographical area, the Brazilian Real (BRL/USD).

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MXN/USD Futures & Options

Trade one of our top 10 most active currency pairs with our Mexican Peso (MXN/USD) contracts.

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OTC FX Clearing

Mitigate counterparty risk and add margin offset savings with the flexibility of OTC and choice of execution venues. Scope includes several Latin American currencies.

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