Capitalize on the CME Group / MexDer Partnership

Trade MexDer Equity Index (IPC) Futures

The CME Group and MexDer partnership allows for trading cross border Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD’s) and provides direct access to MexDer’s IPC (Mexican Exchange Index) futures. These contracts provide an efficient way for asset managers, mutual funds, proprietary traders, and hedge funds to manage risk and access opportunity in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. They are traded and cleared through MexDer, and are now available on the CME Group trading platform. Benefits include:

  • No local presence required in Mexico
  • High correlation to S&P 500 and Bovespa (Brazil) Indices
  • Remote Membership
  • CFTC approved products
  • Co-location
  • Collaterals accepted in US
  • Omnibus Accounts: Rule 30.7 (CFTC) segregation
    • One for proprietary trading
    • One for customer trading
  • Give ups
    • FIA standard agreement

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