Real Choice in Accessing Our Marketplace

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Efficient Solutions for Customer Trading Requirements

If you are located in Asia and want to information about how to access CME Group via a broker, a clearing firm or a direct connection to CME Globex, our electronic trading platform or to find out more about our market data solutions, then please see below.


1. Broker Information
Many different brokers serve CME Group customers in Asia. If you need a broker for CME Group products, view the lists below. They provide broker names categorized by product type.

Brokers for:
Exchange-traded futures and options
OTC products cleared by CME Clearing via CME ClearPort
Agricultural futures and options


2. Clearing Firms Information
CME Group products are categorized according to the exchange that listed them: CME, CBOT, NYMEX or COMEX. Some clearing firms can clear products from all four CME Group exchanges; others clear products from one or more of the exchanges.

View list of clearing firms for CME Group products.


3. Connecting to CME Globex, Our Electronic Trading Platform
CME Globex is the electronic trading venue for all CME Group products. It also provides access to products listed by several of our partner exchanges including: Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, Dubai Mercantile Exchange, and BM&FBOVESPA. View all of our strategic partners.

The CME Globex platform offers a number of access options, including choices for:

  • Front-end applications
  • Network connectivity

You will work directly with a Global Account Manager (GAM) who will facilitate your connectivity to CME Globex.

Contact a member of the Asia GAM team

Telephone: +65 6593 5505 (Singapore)
+82 2 2076 8470 (Seoul)

View connectivity choices for CME Globex


4. Information About Our Different Market Data Solutions
We offer a wide range of market data for all products traded at CME Group. Choices include:

  • Free live quotes on select products
  • Subscription packages
  • Comprehensive historical data

View CME Group market data services to see which choice best serves your business needs.