Introduction to CME Globex

CME Globex: More Than a Trade Match Engine

Globex is an electronic trading platform offering global connectivity to the broadest array of futures and options across all asset classes, traded in thousands of possible expirations and combinations.

Globex encompasses a wide range of services and tools:


Trading Sessions & States

Trading States

You may enter, view, modify or cancel electronic orders during five daily CME Globex sessions. In each session, products transition through a variety of pre-defined states in which certain trading functionality is allowed.

  • The timing of these states and the transitions between them vary by product.
  • Sessions usually start in the afternoon or evening, U.S. Central time (CT).
  • Generally, they mark the beginning of the next trading day. For example, orders entered during Sunday's evening session (CT) are dated for and cleared on Monday.
  • If the CME Globex and open outcry sessions overlap for a given product, the trading day includes both the CME Globex session and the trading floor open outcry session.

Product Trading Schedule

CME Globex products trade according to three schedules:


  • For a portion of the day, contracts trade simultaneously on CME Globex and via open outcry

Electronic Only

  • Contracts trade only on CME Globex

After-Hours Electronic

  • Contracts only trade electronically on CME Globex after the product stops trading via open outcry

Order Types and Durations

You can trade a broad array of order types and order durations on the CME Globex platform. Order types and order duration qualifiers vary according to product and trading application.

View details in the CME Globex Reference Guide.

Market Protections on CME Globex

CME Globex monitors daily activity and has a number of safeguards in place to ensure market integrity.

Stop Logic

The CME Globex trading platform prevents extreme market moves resulting from cascading stop order execution. Upon the triggering of a stop order, the platform determines if the trade price would exceed the product's Non-Reviewable Range. In this scenario, the contract is then placed in a reserved state, during which orders may be entered, modified or cancelled but are not matched until the risk of cascading stop orders is resolved.

Protection Points for Market Stop Orders

The CME Globex platform automatically assigns a limit price from a pre-defined Protection Point (PRT) value for each Market with Protection and Stop with Protection orders. PRT values vary among products and are subject to change. See the current values.

The platform calculates the limit price by adding or subtracting the PRT value to the opposite best bid or offer in the market for a Market with Protection order; and by adding or subtracting the PRT value to the trigger price for a Stop with Protection order. Once triggered, any unmatched remaining quantity for a Market with Protection or Stop with Protection order will become a limit order at the price assigned by the match engine.

Price Banding functionality evaluates prices for all incoming orders on CME Globex and rejects orders with clearly erroneous prices. Learn more about Price Banding.

More on CME Globex

CME Globex Notices
For information regarding critical system updates, new functionality, product launches, and all information impacting CME Globex, sign up for the weekly CME Globex Notices.

Price Banding
To ensure a fair, stable and orderly market, CME Globex subjects all orders to price verification using a process called price banding.

CME Globex Customer Agreements
View the complete listing of Customer Agreements.


CME Group Login
CME Group Login is a self-managed, centralized user profile service that authenticates access to CME Group applications and services.

Global Partnership
Through our partnerships with other exchanges, CME Globex offers access to products in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

CME Globex Holiday Schedule
CME Group observes U.S. recognized holidays.


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