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CME Europe In The News

11 December 2015
CME Europe Trading Exceeds 1,000,000 Lots Since Launch

27 October 2015
CME Europe Appoints Joanne Shannon as Head of Commercial Development

19 October 2015
CME Group and China Construction Bank Sign Memorandum of Understanding

25 September 2015
CME Group Announces First Trades of New Fertilizer Futures Contracts on CME Europe

20 May 2015
CME Group Announces Eight New European Power Contracts on CME Europe

15 May 2015
CME Group Announces the Launch of Cocoa Options on CME Europe

31 March 2015
CME Group Announces First Trades of New Physically Delivered Cocoa Futures Contract on CME Europe

27 Jan 2015
CME Group Announces the Launch of Cocoa Futures on CME Europe

18 Dec 2014
CME Group Announces the Launch of a Suite of European Natural Gas Contracts on CME Europe

11 Sep 2014
CME Group Appoints Cees Vermaas as Managing Director and CEO of CME Europe Limited

12 May 2014
Derek Sammann talks to Hedgeweek as CME Europe opens

11 Mar 2014
CME Group Receives Regulatory Approval for Launch of its European Exchange

24 Apr 2013
Navigating Through Regulatory Changes in Europe

21 Jan 2013
CME Europe Update with Robert Ray

31 Oct 2012
EU Update: The Dynamics of German Client Clearing

23 Oct 2012
CME Europe exchange to target Asia-Pacific market

12 Oct 2012
CME Europe to debut with 30 forex products

6 Sep 2012
Why London? Our Choice Was Clear

5 Sep 2012
A Big September for the Eurozone

14 Aug 2012
Five Facts About Clearing

16 May 2012
Innovate to Advance: 40 Years of Foreign Exchange Futures

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