Weekly Power Futures

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Trade weekly power for free for six months* on CME Europe.

Hedge your weekly power risk more accurately with the new German and French Power peak-load and base-load contracts from CME Europe, launching 25 April.

Start trading Weekly Power futures now.

*Fee waiver relates to execution and clearing fees and applies from 25 April to 31 October 2016.


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Hedge your European power, gas, and emissions risk efficiently in one place with CME Europe Utilities products. Our full suite of European Gas, Power and Emissions products are available for trading on CME Europe, our UK-based market, and cleared by CME Clearing Europe, a recognised CCP.

CME Europe Power futures on German, Italian, Spanish, and French markets are designed to help participants access and manage their price risk on the largest and some of the most rapidly emerging electricity markets in Europe.

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