European Power Futures

European Power Futures

Take advantage of a cost-effective, relevant alternative for trading power with a range of European Power cash-settled futures products from CME Europe. Our suite of Power products offer you the ability to participate in the leading and rapidly growing electricity markets for Germany, France, Italy, and Spain at lower fees, using traditional trading setups.

Trade Power and Natural Gas together, with a choice of base-load or peak-load calendar month contracts, for greater hedging precision and flexibility.

A combined incentive scheme allows qualifying participants to access discounts on all your Power trading and clearing volumes each month you qualify. With the industry-wide increased scrutiny on costs to trade, CME Europe Delivers More.

Key Benefits

  • Lower trading fees – trade and save compared to alternatives
  • Single marketplace – manage European power and natural gas exposure with greater margin efficiencies and convenience
  • Improved market access – simple contract design enhances access and transparency
  • Mitigated counterparty credit risk – CME Clearing Europe offers best-in-class clearing technology
  • European regulatory environment – trade, report, and clear under European regulation
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Trade Date: 02 Dec 2016 | PRELIMINARY

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