Cocoa Futures

European Cocoa Futures and Options

CME Europe cocoa futures and options provide enhanced risk-management solutions along the entire supply chain. Developed with extensive industry collaboration, these tools resolve key challenges and promote greater convergence with the cash market. Take advantage of our extensive resources and incentives to start trading.

Product Slate

Clearing Globex ClearPort Product Name Exchange Product Group Subgroup Cleared As Volume Open Interest
CCP CCP CCP Cocoa Future CMED Agriculture Softs Futures 314 337
CEY CEY CEY Cocoa Option CMED Agriculture Softs Options 0 0
CCC CCC CCC Cocoa Financial Future CMED Agriculture Softs Futures 0 0
Trade Date: 20 Oct 2016 | FINAL

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Key Benefits

  • Euro currency: trades in euros (reflects primary currency used by industry) or U.S. dollars
  • Efficient pricing: uses bulk vs. bagged cocoa pricing to enable a better physical market hedge
  • Pre-paid delivery-out charge: eliminates pricing conflicts and mirrors cash market practices
  • Clear pricing basis: streamlined delivery ports in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg
  • Warrant management: unique in-house warehouse warrant repository saves time and money
  • Quality controls: ongoing warehouse inspections to assure delivery and quality of goods
  • Better sampling & grading processes: improves sample accuracy; enables long-term bulk storage without impact to quality or loss; mirrors Federation of Cocoa Commerce standards
  • Capital efficiency: margin offsets for arbitrage between deliverable and cash-settled contracts
  • Trading Incentives: six programmes offering financial incentives, including the Softs Partcipation Unit

Cocoa Options Now Available

Enjoy greater trading access and flexibility of euro-denominated options on deliverable cocoa futures.

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