CME Europe Market Regulation

As a London-based, UK-registered company operating under English law, CME Europe is recognised and supervised by the FCA. The exchange operates to the highest regulatory standards, while providing transparent price discovery and risk management solutions.


CME Europe Rulebook

Rules and procedures governing trading on CME Europe.

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Advisory notices to members published by CME Europe.

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REMIT Reporting

The Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (“REMIT”) established an EU market monitoring framework to detect and prevent market abuse in wholesale energy markets. From 7 October 2015, REMIT will impose an obligation on market participants to register with a National Regulatory Authority (“NRA”) and to report certain information to the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (“ACER”) relating to transactions and orders to trade in “wholesale energy products”

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Contract Modules

Sets the terms of transactions capable of being executed on the Exchange and being novated to the Clearing House.

CME Europe Contract Module - Energy
CME Europe Contract Module - Agriculture
CME Europe Contract Module - Grain and Oil Seed
CME Europe Contract Module - FX


Exchange Procedures

Outlines procedures governing membership, trading and complaints.

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