CME Clearing Europe

Clearing services for CME Europe are provided by CME Clearing Europe, a Bank of England recognised and supervised London-based clearing house.

About CME Clearing Europe

CME Clearing Europe (CMECE) clears transactions in a broad range of derivative products under English law in a European regulatory environment. A wholly-owned subsidiary of CME Group, CMECE benefits fully from the systems, clearing and risk management expertise and financial strength of CME Group.

Our service combines operational flexibility with a transparent risk management and account structure that offers a range of protection choices for clients should their clearing broker fail. Credit risk is virtually eliminated, and central clearing offers efficiencies in the use of capital.

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For CME Clearing Europe’s services or to become a clearing member, contact:

Tony Zangrilli
Chief Operating Officer, CME Clearing Europe 
+44 28 9089 6820

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