Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

CME Clearing Europe maintains and routinely tests a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan, which is closely aligned with that of CME Group and CME Clearing in the US.

The disaster recovery and business continuity plan is designed to provide protection against a broad spectrum of physical disasters and to guarantee the continuity of core trading and clearing functions whatever the circumstances. Key components include:

  • multiple-redundant systems components, maintained at separate, geographically-dispersed facilities
  • multiple-redundant network connectivity between clearing members and CME Clearing Europe, feeding into the separate, geographically-dispersed facilities
  • real-time mirroring of data storage between separate facilities
  • the physical dispersion of operations-oriented staff
  • multiple electricity feeds together with back-up generator capability
  • redundant voice telecommunications lines with automatic switching to backup facilities.

The plan provides continuity even if CME Clearing Europe's primary facilities in London were to be destroyed.

Scenarios tested routinely include the completion of the daily clearing cycle on the day of such an event and the resumption of normal clearing processing on the following business day.