Press Releases


12 April 2017
CME Group Intends to Close CME Europe and CME Clearing Europe by Year-End


30 November 2016
CME Clearing Europe Approved as a Derivatives Clearing Organization by CFTC

26 October 2016
FEX Global Confirms CME Clearing Europe as Clearing Service Provider

10 October 2016
Elixium, the new all-to-all electronic collateral and secured deposit marketplace, goes live

8 June 2016
CME Group and CloudMargin Collaborate to Deliver an Integrated Collateral Management Service for Cleared and Non-Cleared Margin

7 March 2016
CME Group and Thomson Reuters Announce China Construction Bank as First Chinese Bank to Join the LBMA Silver Price


11 December 2015
CME Europe Trading Exceeds 1,000,000 Lots Since Launch

19 October 2015
CME Group and China Construction Bank Sign Memorandum of Understanding

25 September 2015
CME Group Announces First Trades of New Fertilizer Futures Contracts on CME Europe

24 June 2015
CME Clearing Europe Appoints Tina Hasenpusch as CEO

18 June 2015
CME Group Announces First Trade of New European Power Contracts on CME Europe

20 May 2015
CME Group Announces Eight New European Power Contracts on CME Europe

15 May 2015
CME Group Announces the Launch of Cocoa Options on CME Europe

31 March 2015
CME Group Announces First Trades of New Physically Delivered Cocoa Futures Contract on CME Europe

27 January 2015
CME Group Announces the Launch of Cocoa Futures on CME Europe


18 December 2014
CME Group Announces the Launch of a Suite of European Natural Gas Contracts on CME Europe

04 August 2014
CME Clearing Europe Receives EMIR authorisation

12 May 2014
CME Clearing Europe First To Receive Regulatory Approval For New Full Segregation Client Protection Model

11 March 2014
CME Europe receives regulatory approval

27 February 2014
CME Clearing Europe announces expended IRS OTC offering


15 January 2013
CME Clearing Europe Delegated Reporting Service

29 November 2013
CME Group Announces Approval of CME European Trade Repository

15 November 2013
CME Group Confirms Cyber Intrusion

18 March 2013
CME Clearing Europe Expands Services with Introduction of Interest Rate Swaps

25 January 2013
CME Clearing Europe Expands its OTC Energy Offering with Two New European Natural Gas Contracts


10 December 2012
CME Clearing Europe Expands its Metals Offering with Two Iron Ore Contracts

17 August 2012
CME Clearing Europe to Accept Gold as Collateral

18 May 2012
New contract on CME Clearing Europe – London Gold Forward (cash margin)

13 April 2012
Introduction of Clearing Member Fees and Modification of Broker Incentive Scheme


31 October 2011
CMECE declares default of MF Global UK Limited

13 July 2011
CME Clearing Europe Expands Clearing With Introduction of Alternative Fuel and Vegetable Oil Contracts

8 June 2011
CME Clearing Europe to Expand Product Offerings to Include New Biodiesel and Diesel Contracts; Adds Another Clearing Member Firm

15 Mar 2011
CME Clearing Europe Announces Launch of European Clearing Services


16 Dec 2010
CME Clearing Europe Receives Recognised Clearing House Status from FSA

15 Dec 2010
CME Group Launches Credit Default Swaps Initiative; Begins Clearing Trades
Clearing includes both dealer-to-customer and interdealer CDS trades.


07 Dec 2009
CME Group Appoints Otto E. Nägeli as Chairman Designate, CME Clearing Europe
Experienced industry figure to provide leadership, expertise to board of directors

03 Dec 2009
CME Group Announces Dealer Founding Members for CDS Initiative
Clearing for Credit Default Swaps scheduled to launch by December 15.

18 September 2009
Cleared OTC London Gold Forwards
This service facilitates the clearing, settlement, and delivery of unallocated Loco London gold transactions.

28 July 2009
CME Group Appoints Andrew Lamb to Lead European Clearing Venture
Experienced European Clearing and Risk Management Executive Named CEO, CME Clearing Europe Limited