Clearing Interfaces for Exchange Traded Derivatives

CME Clearing Europe offers integrated, straight-through clearing via CME ClearPort and CME Globex for exchange traded derivatives on CME Europe.

We provide users with a wide range of clearing functions and data applications, including:

  • front end clearing (FEC), providing clearing member firm back office staff with an integrated method for entering and processing a variety of trade types
  • give-up payment system, offering real-time fee calculation and automatic payment processing for member firm give-up execution business plus the online viewing of transactions
  • real-time position management system providing full visibility of cleared positions
  • settlement and asset management system giving complete access to settlement information and details of collateral lodged

CME ClearPort

CME ClearPort can be used to enter block trades in exchange traded derivatives on CME Europe for clearing at CME Clearing Europe.

CME ClearPort is the point of entry to clearing at CME Clearing US for more than 700,000 contracts daily and brings together more than 17,000 registered users around the world. It is the clearing entry mechanism of choice for commercial, banking, investment, and trading entities, as well as inter-dealer brokers and clearing firms. As the entry point to clearing, CME ClearPort helps customers to:

  • continue to execute bilaterally but with the advantages of security, efficiency and confidence
  • mitigate counterparty risk
  • obtain market neutral settlement prices for clearing trades

Transactions submitted for clearing through CME ClearPort benefit from pre-execution risk controls. These allow clearing members to control the creation of accounts, permission tradable products, set position limits and establish an overall initial margin requirement limit. The controls are designed to function as collective risk protection: giving risk assurance to clearing members and their clients, as well as to CME Clearing Europe.

The CME ClearPort API offers a robust specification for defining reference data, handling trade submissions and allowing users to obtain feedback on submissions. Clients can take advantage of new CME ClearPort functionality and features through the API.

Trading firms and brokers who already use CME ClearPort to enter trades into CME Clearing in the US can request to have their logins updated so they can also access CME Clearing Europe products.

CME Direct

CME Clearing Europe's clearing services will offer an execution agnostic, open access clearing solution to both buy-side and sell-side participants, providing dealer-to-dealer, dealer-to-client, and client-to-client clearing, irrespective of where the trade is executed.

In addition, CME Direct, our free web-based trading screen, provides an easy and simplified way to trade on CME Europe, our new London-based derivatives exchange, by connecting to both CME Globex and CME ClearPort.

CME Direct will enable users to:

  • negotiate, execute and submit trades to CME Clearing Europe through multiple venues
  • conduct straight-through processing and receive real-time confirmation once the trade is cleared
  • protect the confidentiality of trading relationships, while being able to terminate positions with any market participant
  • benefit from the operational flexibility of a multi-asset class solution via one clearing house

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CME Globex

Electronic trades on CME Europe take place on CME Globex, our electronic trading system for futures and options.

CME Globex offers a wide range of futures and options in thousands of possible expirations and spreads, including interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, agricultural commodities, energy, metals, weather, real estate and environmental commodities.

Customers are able to connect via existing channels, if they are members of CME Group, or they may choose a new connection route. For Block and EFRP trades, CME ClearPort will bring these trades under the rules of CME Europe and CME Clearing Europe for clearing.

Participants have the choice of direct access though one of our global hubs, co-location, via one of our Clearing Members, or through an independent service vendor (ISV).

CME Direct, our free web-based trading screen, provides an easy and simplified way to trade on CME Europe by connecting to both CME Globex and CME ClearPort.

With global distribution and international hubs, CME Globex offers trading around the globe and around the clock.

CME Globex offers customers:

  • Streamlined development efforts
  • Single source for production customer support
  • Access to free risk management tools
  • More efficient access to real-time market data
  • 10-deep futures and 3-deep options for most markets
  • High-speed, high-volume capacity
  • Improved options capabilities and a range of new products