CME Europe

CME Europe is a London-based, FCA-supervised derivatives exchange. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CME Group, CME Europe leverages the operations and expertise of the world's largest derivatives marketplace and is designed to meet evolving regional needs and trading practices. CME Europe delivers connectivity and operational efficiencies to customers through proven CME Group infrastructure like CME Globex and CME ClearPort, as well as the clearing services of CME Clearing Europe, an established London-based clearing house.


While offering products across multiple asset classes in time, CME Europe initially launched with 30 FX futures products and a suite of commodities contracts, bridging a gap in the European marketplace.

Products available for trading are:


  • Major Currencies (CLS-Eligible)
  • Non-CLS Physically-Settled Currencies
  • CLS-Settled Currencies
  • Non-CLS Cash-Settled Currencies



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To find out more about CME Europe, please contact:

Dan Hinxman
Senior Director, Commercial Development
+44 20 3379 3875

David Emerick
Senior Director, Strategic Sales & International Market Development
+44 20 3379 3727

General Sales 
+44 20 3379 3746