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2016 Trading Challenge

CME Group’s 2016 Trading Challenge is exclusive to currently enrolled college and university students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. 

This electronic trading team competition is designed to provide student teams with an educational experience consistent with that of professional trading of CME Group products.  Teams trade using live data in a simulated environment. Students compete as school teams for the competition. Registered teams comprised of 3 to 5 currently enrolled students will compete for cash prizes and unique CME Group experiences.

Teams will use the CQG Integrated Client (IC) trading platform to execute trades on the CME Globex platform. CQG will provide access to technical analysis and trading software as well as training before the competition begins. The CQG help line is available 24 hours a day.

2016 Daily Championship Round Results

2016 CME Group Championship Round - FINAL RESULTS

Congrats to the 2016 Winners!

University (Country) – Team Name Final Simulated Account Balance
Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore) – Team Alpha $500,018.75
Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.) – Team Scotty Dogs of the Dow $443,430.00
Concordia University (Canada) – Team Yolo $355,750.00
University of Colorado Boulder (U.S.) – Team CU_Ugrad_1 $326,614.38

Championship Round – Daily Results 02/22-03/03


2016 Daily Preliminary Round Results

2016 Trading Challenge Dates

Practice Round
Begins Monday, January 11 @ 8:00 a.m. CT
Concludes Monday, February 1 @ Market Close

Preliminary Round
Begins Tuesday, February 2 @ 8:00 a.m. CT
Concludes Thursday, February 18 @ Market Close
*The top 10% of teams with the highest account balance at the close on Thursday, February 18 will advance to the Final Round.

Final Round
Begins Monday, February 22 @ Market Open
Concludes Friday, March 4 @ Market Close
*The top 4 teams receive a cash prize and are determined by the final account balance at the conclusion of trading. 
*Final round participants will be invited to Chicago for CME Group's Day of Market Education.

2016 Competition Contracts

Competition Eligibility

  • 3 graduate and 3 undergraduate teams are eligible to compete per school. Teams may not mix graduate and undergraduate members. Creating a team of students from different schools is not permitted.
  • Each team is required to have 3 to 5 students from the same undergraduate or graduate school. Recent graduates are not eligible to participate.
  • Every student involved must be enrolled in an accredited college or university at the undergraduate or graduate level. All participants must be enrolled for the duration of the competition at the university identified by the team lead in the registration form.
  • Faculty Advisors are highly recommended to oversee each school’s participation. Advisors will have early registration access to register their teams.
  • There is no fee to register and training on the CQG platform will be provided prior to the competition.
  • A student who was part of a winning team in the previous year’s competition is not eligible to win cash prizes during the current year’s competition. If a team partially consists of members who were part of a previous year’s winning team, that team is still eligible to win, but the ineligible member(s) will forfeit their portion of any cash prize.

Contact Us

For general challenge inquires and questions related to registration, or to be included in our email distributions, contact:

CME Group Trading Challenge Team

For specific questions related to the electronic trading platform and challenge specifications, contact:

CQG Support

+1 212 809 8893 (available 24 hours)