S&P Indices and Dow Jones Indices Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is CME Group handling licensing of S&P and Dow Jones Indices (SPDJI) information?

CME Group will provide customers with a consistent licensing, reporting and invoicing experience. As a result, customers of S&P Indices, Dow Jones Indices and CME Group will experience efficient uniform services.

2. What are the major timelines of this licensing transition?



June 2017

A customer-specific notice of the transition for existing agreements will be mailed to all firms. SPDJI or CME Group, as applicable, will terminate your existing agreement in order to transition to an online tool with updated terms and conditions. A summary of changes will be provided including any changes to fees, terms and conditions, reporting requirements and invoicing.  

July 2017

Availability of online transition tool

October 1, 2017

Transition date

October 31, 2017

Last day for CME Group-licensed S&P Index usage reporting

November 1, 2017

First day for S&P Dow Jones-licensed usage reporting

3. Can I execute the agreement as sent or do I need to wait for the online transition tool?

All customers must wait for the online transition tool, as it will present a complete view of your transition information, including summary of all licenses to be migrated, specific changes in billing and invoice information and will allow customers to update their specific contacts, additional entities and other information.  The solution will also present final documents for electronic signature via Docusign.

CME Group will notify all customers when the online transition tool is available and will provide links to training guides and recorded videos.

4. Why do I need to sign a separate agreement with CME Group when I already have a licensing agreement?

SPDJI will maintain a direct contractual relationship with its clients going forward. CME Group will act as SPDJI’s licensing agent and distribution service provider and will execute the license agreement on behalf of SPDJI.

5. Whom should I contact with questions?

Customers with questions concerning S&P-branded indices may contact their CME Group Global Account Manager (GAM) directly, or the regional GAM team if unsure of the assigned GAM: Global Account Management (GAM)

United States:
+1 312 634 8395

+44 (0) 203 379 3856

+65 6593 5505

Customers with questions regarding Dow Jones-branded indices may contact their SPDJI account representative with any additional questions directly: RTData_Indexes@spglobal.com.