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Real-Time Trading Simulation
Learn to trade by practicing in a real-world, real-time simulated trading environment. We offer one week of free simulated trading on our professional trading platform, where you can see for yourself what it is like to trade futures, options on futures and exchange-traded spreads. Available products include the most popular equity, interest rate, FX, agricultural, metals and energy futures contracts on CME Globex.

Real-Time Quotes and Analytics
Today’s traders view more than just order entry screens. They also watch live, real-time quotes to keep in constant touch with the markets. To augment your simulated trading, and help you learn how our markets flow, take advantage of our free two-week trial of CME E-quotes. You’ll get data directly from the source - CME Group.

University Programs and Competitions
CME Group has partnered with a number of academic institutions and universities who provide education on derivatives. Many of these schools use simulation and simulated trading competitions as an integral part of their curriculum. If you are currently a student or a teacher with students interested in learning about the futures industry, you will want to know about these programs.

Real-World, Real-Time Simulated Trading

Learn to trade like a pro by doing what the pros do: trading on a professional platform, but in a live simulated environment. When you are ready to try your hand at placing trade orders, simply register for one week of free access to our simulation platform. You will be able to trade 24/7, around the clock whenever our markets are available.

You can choose to work with one, two or three types of trades on the simulated platform: futures, options on futures, and exchange-traded spreads. You can focus on one product group or all of them, whatever your interest. The simulated environment offers access to our most widely traded products across asset classes and includes equity, interest rate, FX, agricultural, metals and energy contracts.

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Real-Time Quotes and Analytics

Real-time trading requires real-time data, analytics and news. If you are doing simulated trading, we encourage you to sign up for a free, two-week trial of CME E-quotes. Or simply take advantage of this offer to see how you can benefit from customized quote packages directly from the source, CME Group.

You can also choose from a range of features and analytics that meet your trading objectives. CME E-quotes also offers Internet-based mobility for access anytime/anywhere. With CME E-quotes, you will get the best combination of professional tools, performance and price available anywhere.

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University Programs and Competitions

At CME Group, we recognize that universities with strong financial and economic programs play a critical role in educating both prospective market participants and regulators. Therefore, we are always interested in exploring ways to collaborate with professors that cover our markets, either in the classroom or from a research perspective.

If you are interested in beginning a dialogue with us about how we can share information or work together on specific educational initiatives, please email us at

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Trading Competitions
The CME Group Commodity Trading Challenge is held each year in February and March. This competition is open to both undergraduate and graduate students and is focused on our Crude Oil and Gold Futures. Over 55 schools participated in 2010.

About Simulated Trading

Students and professional traders participate in simulated trading to experience the benefits of electronic trading. Many traders find that simulation has dramatically improved their ability to profit from and better manage the risks associated with trading these exciting markets. CME Group is dedicated to providing individuals and institutions with the tools and education necessary in today's fast moving global economy.