November Rates Recap

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24-Hour Interest Rate Options Liquidity

CME Globex is the source for Eurodollar and Treasury options liquidity across all time zones:


Eurodollar Options

Treasury Options

October Globex Daily Volume



Electronic % of Total Volume



Top of Book Size*

RTH: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CT



ETH: 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. CT



ATH: 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. CT



*Reflects At The Money (ATM) calls in the front-month Eurodollar and 10-Year Note options, measured during September 2016

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Efficient Pre-Ex Communications

CME Globex committed cross for futures and options

  • Efficient relationship-based execution of orders below block sizes, in addition to bilateral block trading
  • Allows customers to source liquidity in less liquid futures and options products and strategies

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Enhancements to Options on CME Globex

Treasury Options Inter-Commodity Spreads

  • Enables users to create strategies between different tenors reflecting relevant ratios without leg risk
  • For example, buying two 10-Year Dec 129.5 calls and selling three 5-Year Dec 120.5 calls as a spread

Strike Increment Changes in Treasury Options

We recently narrowed strike increments in weekly and front month expirations, as follows:

  • From ½ point to ¼ point in 10-Year and Ultra 10-Year Treasury options
  • From 1 point to ½ point in the Treasury Bond and Ultra Treasury Bond

Tradable Cabinet Price in Treasury Options

  • The CME Globex supported Cabinet (CAB) Pricing in Treasury options is CAB 4 for 5-year T-Note options and CAB 7 for all other Treasury options
  • Values represent approximately ½ the minimum tick increment

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*Data through Oct. 31, 2016


Ultra 10 Options Growing

Launched alongside the Ultra 10-Year Treasury futures in January 2016, Ultra 10 options on December futures have seen increased trading on CME Globex and in block trades, with:

  • Over 32K+ contracts traded in 2016
  • Open interest has reached above 16K
  • Ultra 10 option block fees are reduced to the same rate as the pit fees through March 31, 2017

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Options Resources

Learn more about trading Interest rate options with these key resources:

Daily Interest Rate Options Reports: View a detailed snapshot of the Eurodollar and Treasury options activity from the previous day

Block Trades: View block trade reference guides and available market makers

CME Direct: Start trading today with CME Group's highly configurable trading front-end, with access to CME Globex and block entry


QuikStrike Tools:

Open Interest Heatmap: View volume and open interest at strike and expiration levels with the ability to compare changes over a time

This Week in Options: Compare ATM strikes and volatility as well as risk reversal volatility across a time series

Cross-Asset Correlation: Identify the degree to which two products are varying similarly over a period of time

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