Portable Alpha for Institutional Investors

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  • The Basics of Portable Alpha and Prerequisites for Strategy Implementation

        • Date 06 Aug 2015
        • Duration 30:04
        • PIMCO was one of the pioneers in the strategy known as Portable Alpha. Since, they have been executing the strategy for decades, first with Treasury Bonds and then with other products like equities, we thought it might be beneficial to revisit the strategy that has garnered so much attention (and assets) over the years. This podcast reviews the basics of portable alpha and explores the prerequisites necessary for successfully implementing a portable alpha strategy. And who better to discuss the strategy than with the individual responsible for a large amount of assets deployed in the strategy, PIMCO’s Sabrina Callin.
      • 30:04
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About Sabrina: Sabrina Callin is a managing director in PIMCO's Newport Beach office and member of the product management group. She currently oversees PIMCO's Enhanced Equity suite of products including the StocksPlus products.