Learn About Trading

Discover the opportunities available to you by trading futures and options with CME Group. Here you can learn new skills or enhance your current knowledge.

Why Trade Futures

    Getting Started with Derivatives

    A Trader's Guide to Futures
    An introductory guide to trading futures explaining the what, who, why and how of futures trading.

    Introduction to Options 
    Options on futures are versatile risk management products. See how they can be used to protect against adverse price moves.

    Overview of Derivatives 
    Covers the mechanics of key financial derivatives and explains why they are used.

    Understanding Contract Specifications 
    Review a series of short videos of our most popular products. Each video quickly describes the product features, price quoting, and trading hours.

    Explore the Markets
    Take your first step into the derivatives market with the Futures Institute and learn more about commodity and financial products.

    Analyze the Market

    Developing Your Trading Strategy
    Jeff Quinto explains the importance of a trading strategy and how you can systematically work towards capitalizing on your strategy.

    Building Your Trading Plan 
    Jeff Quinto speaks about the importance of having a detailed trading plan set before getting involved in the markets.

    Fundamental Analysis 
    A detailed review of fundamental analysis. This presentation examines the basics of fundamental analysis, identifies factors that drive supply and demand, and lists specific reports traders can follow to understand market movements.

    Build Your Strategy

    Economic Research
    Reports on a variety of topics on the forefront of financial market trends

    Daily Market Analysis Videos
    Industry experts provide daily product and market updates via the Futures Institute.

    Listen to Industry Podcasts
    Tune in and listen to our industry expert podcasts to learn more about the Futures market, trading strategies, and product information.

    Economic Release Calendar
    Stay informed on key US and global economic reports.

    More in Education