LatAm Webinar Series

    Video Summaries

    Introduction to Equity Index Futures

    This presentation provides background and the fundamentals of CME Group Equity Index Futures Products, including:

    • Equity Index contract specifications
    • Strategies with Equity Index Futures
    • E-mini Futures vs. ETFs

    CME Clearing Overview

    Clearing is an important part of the value CME offers to customers. This presentation provides an overview of CME Clearing, including:

    • The basics of clearing
    • Risk management
    • Mechanics behind the clearing process
    • Financial and collateral management

    The Life Cycle of a Futures Contract

    This presentation provides an overview of the trade flow process of a futures contract, including:

    • Electronic execution
    • Average pricing system
    • Calculating a P/L
    • Day-by-day account statements

    Managed Accounts

    This presentation provides an overview of how managed accounts and compares to a traditional investment fund including:

    • Manager selection and evaluation
    • Portfolio construction
    • Cash efficiency
    • Active portfolio management
    • Risk management
    • Product structuring

    Introduction to FX

    • What are FX futures and options
    • Why use CME FX futures and options
    • Hedging examples using CME FX products
    • Overview of OTC FX NDF clearing at CME

    Connecting to CME

    The following presentation will provide an overview of connectivity options to Globex, Order Routing access methodology for clients in Central and Latin America, including:

    • What is CME Globex?
    • Trading on CME Globex
    • Connectivity options
    • Requirements
    • South-to-North Order Routing
    • Contacts for additional information

    Risk Management for Equity Asset Managers

    This presentation provides an overview of CME Group stock index futures markets and their use in the context of risk management applications, including:

    • Market Development
    • Mechanics of Stock Index Futures
    • Measuring Risk
    • Beta Adjustment Strategies
    • Portable Alpha Strategies
    • Efficient Beta