Mexican Bond Markets and IPC Futures

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In March 2010 CME Group signed a strategic alliance with Bolsa Mexicana Valores (BMV), which operates the MexDer derivatives exchange. With this alliance, the two exchanges agreed to provide order routing between the two exchanges. This presentation offers a comprehensive overview of the partnership and the products that will be available to traders from both exchanges. 

In April 2011, "south to north" order routing became available. This enabled Mexican investors and proprietary trading firms to trade CME Group products such as commodities and the S&P indexes. "North to south" order routing is planned for Aug. 2011, providing access to MexDer interest rate and otherproducts.

This educational session covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the partnership
  • MexDer, the Mexican Bond Markets, and IPC futures
  • Arbitrage and spreading opportunities
  • Volatility trading opportunities
  • Specifics on connectivity
  • Contact info

Presenters at this hour-long session are:

  • Phupinder Gill, President, CME Group
  • Jorge Alegria, Chief Executive Officer, MexDer
  • David Gibbs, Associate Director Market Education & Development, CME Group
  • Adam Smith, Partner Exchange Account Manager, CME Group