Grain Spread Options and Volatility: Accessing Unique Trading Opportunities

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Calendar Spread Options from a Trader's Point of View

This CME Group video focuses on calendar spread options, primarily on grains. It provides several kinds of information that options traders would find valuable:

  • Information about the grain spread options available for trading at CME Group
  • Comments and insights from floor traders who trade calendar spread options on grains
  • The opportunities that the highly volatile grain and oilseed markets present

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of Grain Spread Options
  • Applications for Commercial Users
  • Opportunities for Institutional Investors
  • Characteristics of the Calendar Spread Options Trade

In addition to calendar spread options on grains and oilseeds, CME Group also offers calendar spread options on cattle, hogs, and some energy products.

The Grain Spread Options and Volatility webinar is about 47 minutes long and was recorded Feb. 24, 2011.