Insights into the Acreage Report

Get the insights you need to prepare for the June 30 USDA Acreage Report, including analysis from David Hightower on any impact the report may have on grain prices.

About the Speaker

David Hightower, President and Founder, The Hightower Report

Dave has over 30 years experience in the commodity and financial futures industry. Before starting The Hightower Report, Dave was the Director of Research for the (then) largest commodity brokerage firm in the United States, Stotler & Company. Prior to this, Dave was one of the first paid full time stock index futures analysts and has since covered the stock market on a daily basis.

Dave has provided research interviews to CNN, Bloomberg Television, the Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine and many other industry groups/publications. Dave has worked with regulatory agencies, exchanges and other industry players on a wide variety of research and trading projects. He also educates commercial traders in basic and advanced hedging techniques.