Erik Norland Discusses Copper Supply and Demand Dynamics

  • 8 Feb 2016
  • By CME Group
  • Topics: Metals

CME Group senior economist Erik Norland explains the supply and demand dynamics of copper. Copper prices have slid 57% since 2009 and market participants wonder what could them to decline even further. Erik explains how the diminishing demand for copper in China and the large amount of copper being mined is affecting the price of copper in the market.


All examples in this report are hypothetical interpretations of situations and are used for explanation purposes only.  The views in this report reflect solely those of the authors and not necessarily those of CME Group or its affiliated institutions.  This report and the information herein should not be considered investment advice or the results of actual market experience.

About the Author

Erik Norland is Executive Director and Senior Economist of CME Group. He is responsible for generating economic analysis on global financial markets by identifying emerging trends, evaluating economic factors and forecasting their impact on CME Group and the company’s business strategy, and upon those who trade in its various markets. He is also one of CME Group’s spokespeople on global economic, financial and geopolitical conditions.

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